100 Things About Carmen…

  1. i’ve been with al since 1991. married since 1995.
  2. rumor was, we got married because i was pregnant.
  3. close enough… five years after we were married, i finally became pregnant for the first time.
  4. and met joshua, the love of my life.
  5. i have small feet
  6. i speak and/or understand 7 languages: english, japanese, taglish, spanglish baby babble, piglatin, and gibberish.
  7. i’m right handed.
  8. i own a small corporation.
  9. my boss, scot, from my last j.o.b. told me about advertising on the internet. i gave my 2 weeks notice a few weeks later.
  10. he was my favorite boss.
  11. my mom used to find snails and caterpillars in my pockets.
  12. when i was in first grade, i used to make boys cry.
  13. i have a younger brother and a baby sister, and i love them to death.
  14. i don’t drink.
  15. i don’t smoke.
  16. never done drugs.
  17. i was born in tokyo japan.
  18. on july 10
  19. “non drowsy” meds will totally knock me out.
  20. i love my mom and dad.
  21. my mom and dad are still married.
  22. my husband is my best friend…
  23. he can also be my biggest enemy.
  24. my other best friend is one of the prettiest people i know. she named her daughter minerva rose.
  25. another best friend lives in san fran. he’s the kind of friend you only dream about. his daughter, jaelynn rose, is betrothed to joshua. just kidding.
  26. i’ve experienced verbal abuse via e-mail and online chat.
  27. i’d understand if you hated me because your baby isn’t as adorable as mine.
  28. i’m a perfectionist
  29. i’m working on building my self confidence
  30. whatever happened to ricky martin?
  31. i’m very patient.
  32. i wanted to be a psychologist.
  33. i wanted to be a dancer.
  34. i wanted to be a professional pianist.
  35. i wanted to be an astronomer.
  36. when i was younger, i dreamed of opening my own school of performing arts and dedicate it to gloria, my piano teacher.
  37. she passed away when i was 14. i haven’t been the same since.
  38. my very first pet was a bunny named bumper (full name: buster thumper). his original name was “junior”. a co-worker at lions clubs int’l gave him to me. we thought he was a boy. the vet said he was a girl.
  39. when bumper died, we adopted 2 more bunnies. buster and thumper. few years later, we found another bunny who looked just like bumper, and named him junior.
  40. we have 2 dogs and a cat. mikko, valentine, and kaela. mikko’s name is a combination of my sister and brother’s names. valentine was a valentine’s day present. kaela was named after al and me.
  41. if i had a pet pig, i’d name it bacon.
  42. i don’t eat birds, pigs, cows, or any other animals, but i eat seafood.
  43. i love surprises. unless you tell me there’s a surprise waiting for me. then i’d rather you tell me now.
  44. my favorite subject in grade school was english/grammar because my 5th grade teacher, mrs. hesslau, made it so much fun.
  45. i came to the u.s. not knowing how to speak or write much english, so my mom asked my 2nd grade teacher, ms. corso, to provide extra help. i became fluent within a month.
  46. i cry often.
  47. i laugh even more.
  48. i love chocolate.
  49. i hate velcro.
  50. one of my friends and i live parallel lives. we were both born in july, married in ’95, gave birth to our first sons in the same year by the same doctor via c-section, and at one time, we lived in the same town in (different) apartments with the same unit number… now we live in the same subdivision.
  51. i’m on my way to getting my mba…
  52. then my phd.
  53. my favorite color is burgundy.
  54. my favorite book is ‘story of a soul: the autobiography of st. therese of lisieux’
  55. i’m not spoiled.
  56. i’m well taken cared of.
  57. i loved being pregnant.
  58. when things seems to go all wrong and i’m feeling discouraged, i remind myself that things are exactly the way they are because of the choices i’ve made… and i have the choice to change it.
  59. i’m a kick-booty mom.
  60. i’m an awesome wife.
  61. i’m not too fond of perfume, but i love the victoria’s secret dream angels “divine” collection.
  62. my name means “song”.
  63. my husband’s name means “handsome”.
  64. joshua’s name means “Jehovah saves”.
  65. i was a tomboy.
  66. i love cleaning the house… keeping my house spotless.
  67. i’m afraid of the ocean because i “know” the water is alive and waiting.
  68. i won 2 beauty pageants when i was 19 because people thought i was kinda pretty back in the day.
  69. my first car was an ’85 buick station wagon
  70. i love God.
  71. the most precious day of my life was the day my son was born… i finally met my angel, face-to-face, for the first time.
  72. my father’s father and my father’s mother had the same last names before they were married… that explains a lot.
  73. “they” told me i was clinically depressed.
  74. my doctor prescribed zoloft, i took it twice, and will never take it again.
  75. my dad can beat up your dad.
  76. i’m a hula girl.
  77. i used to perform in luaus… $100 a dance.
  78. i’m a cancer.
  79. i’ve been totally broke at one time.
  80. i’d like to learn to drive stick.
  81. in first grade, my classmates in japan treated me like a celebrity because i wasn’t 100% japanese. they’d line up for my autograph after school.
  82. i only knew 3 letters of the english alphabet… “a”, “d”, and “m”. so, i’d write “adm” on their hands and tell ’em it was my name in english.
  83. a.d.m. is my husband’s initials. are you creeped out?
  84. i crave for hotdogs and kfc every so often.
  85. my favorite book in highschool was, “to kill a mocking bird” by harper lee.
  86. i always wear a brown scapular around my neck.
  87. i was named after “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”.
  88. i passed my driving test and got my license on my first try.
  89. i still don’t know how to correctly uphill/downhill park.
  90. my 1st grade teacher bought me presents every week because she wanted a daughter.
  91. i’ve won over 200 music and dance awards, from both national and international competitions.
  92. i feel vain writing so much about myself…
  93. my grandma on my dad’s side is an origami pro.
  94. i see dead people.
  95. i talk to dead people.
  96. i look like a cartoon.
  97. i’m at #97 already?
  98. after my grandpa passed away, he came to me in my dream… we were traveling by bus when he asked me to have breakfast with him. i told him i don’t usually get up until noon, and, he told me he’ll be there waiting for me until i’m ready to have breakfast with him.
  99. that dream comforts me… but, it totally freaked out my mom.
  100. if joshua gets a brother, his name will be “jacob”… maybe “zachary”.
  101. my daughters’ names will be “janelle” and “jennalie”… or “rachelle” and “rebecca”.
  102. right now, i’m leaning towards “cassandra” and “caitlynne”… or “alyssa” and “arielle”.
  103. i started talking when i was 9 months old… haven’t stopped for a breath since.
  104. i love musicals… namely miss saigon and les mis. my cousin alex got me hooked when he landed the role of “tam” in miss saigon.
  105. i’m passionate about all that i choose to do.
  106. i feel like i’ve given birth to everyone i know.
  107. i lost my husband, best friend, and the keeper of my heart of 15 years to midlife crisis on 10/2/06. joshua and i miss him terribly and pray every moment we have that he will make it out of the fog and come back to us one day.
  108. i over deliver.
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