3 Selfish Questions to Success

SUCCESSFUL sales letters address the following 3 SELFISH questions:

1. Who cares?
2. So what?
3. What’s in it for me?

This may seem brutally obvious (or not), yet many online marketers still write to impress themselves. Sorry to burst your shiny bubble, but, unless you’re only trying to sell to yourself, NOBODY CARES about your ad as much as you do!

You KNOW it’s true. Your reader is looking at your offer for THEIR reasons only, NOT YOURS. They only care about what THEY want. I do it, you do it… every audience is the same. (Aren’t we a selfish bunch :P)

Really though. When you’re reading something, anything at all, if it doesn’t grab at you NOW, you move on, don’t you? Your readers will do the same. You have to capture their attention IMMEDIATELY by addressing the following

Seriously… why should your readers care? Just because you do? Uhhhh… NO! You have to get at something they

Why does your writing matter? Just because YOU think it’s important or interesting, it doesn’t mean your reader will agree. Is it REALLY important or interesting to the READER?

What will your reader get out of your offer?

Imagine what your reader wants. Get in deep at their emotions and understand what they care about. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ve got the UPPER HAND.

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