Are THANK YOU’s Out Of Style?

When someone helps you – no matter how insignificant you feel the act was… do you remember to say, “Thank You”?

Well, DO YOU?

It’s not even that time of the month, but, I’m totally PMS-ing out because of some ungrateful people user who, for some unknown reason, think it’s perfectly acceptable to take up my time, and disappear without so much as a “Thanks.”

Take for example… I used to give one FREE marketing/sales advice to new AimDIRECT Ezine subscribers. A lot of effort went into these requests for help… copy/design critiques, product reviews, brainstorming help, you name it. So, how many Thank You’s have I received in the 4 years I offered this? Two.

And I recently made something small for someone’s business site. I did it because what he had at the time SUCKED, and I’d certainly want someone to save me if I were in his shoes. He’s using my thing-a-dinger right now, but, has he posted anything acknowledging the help he’s received? NO.

Go to any website with donated graphics or quotes and you’ll usually find a note of thanks – or “provided by” – somewhere on the site (given that the owner of the site was raised properly).

This was business help, not a personal favor, and it ain’t cool to be a total jerk about it. A simple, “______ provided by the most adorable Carmen at” would’ve saved me from having to put my energy into ragging about something your mother should’ve taught you when you were little.

Doesn’t it tick you off when someone doesn’t give credit where credit is due… especially when credit is due to you?

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