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Blog vs. Facebook Page… What to Post Where?

blog vs facebook page

We know the importance of establishing presence on multiple social media platforms for our business… but do you know which content goes where?

Should I post this (article, link, coupon, event) on my blog or my Facebook brand page?

*le sigh*

Each medium is effective for particular types of content, and understanding the “purpose” of each channel should help make deciding which content goes where, a little easier. 🙂

The purpose of a business blog:

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Display content that define and brand your business
  • Keep your readers current with the latest industry information
  • Improve your search engine rankings for important keywords

The purpose of a Facebook brand page:

  • Share content that is relevant and interesting
  • Engage your followers with news, contest, specials, and other relevant content
  • Keep readers updated on upcoming events, specials, and whatever else your business will be participating in

Articles and editorials you (or your guest author) write about your industry should be posted on your blog. Then share the link to your blog post on your Facebook page to update your followers, as well as make sharing your posts easier. Quick updates and snippets shouldn’t be posted on your blog throughout the day… you’ll see your readership quickly decline. However… those types of “quick” posts are perfect for Facebook brand pages.

If your content is meant to engage or be shared quickly by others, post it to your Facebook brand page. A limited time offer, links to interesting articles & sites, photos of events, videos of your team, or anything with a more personal tone are some of what you should post to your Facebook page.

Note to self: Blogs are for thoughtful articles and editorials while Facebook pages are for quick updates, links, and snippets.

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