Genesis / StudioPress: Open Comment Author Link in New Window

May 13, 2015 Update: I just tried using this code (which I’m still using without issue on this site) on a new blog install, and it’s not working for me. Not sure why. However, I found a plugin “Open external links in a new window” that opens internal links in the same window, while opening […]

Genesis / StudioPress: Add Signature After Single Post

I started adding a signature to my blog posts… but shuddered at the thought of having to go back through all my previous posts to add it. If only there was a way to automatically add my signature to each of my posts… as well as add it to my past posts… Well, I shudder […]

Easy Step By Step to Starting Your Own Blog!

Here’s an easy to follow step by step guide to help you get started with your own blog. Let’s jump right in! Step 1. Create Your Domain Name & Get Web Hosting Step 2. WordPress 101 Step 3. Beauty-fying Your Blog Most links are affiliate links where I may receive a commission if you purchase. […]

Exclude Digg Digg From Select Pages

I use the Digg Digg Social Media sharing plugin, but there are pages (Contact Me page, for example) I don’t want the sharing buttons to appear. Here’s the code I used (and where I added it) to exclude DiggDigg from select pages: Access your active WordPress theme and open the functions.php file. Paste the code […]

Remove Search Box on WordPress Admin Bar

I wanted to disable the search box on my WordPress Admin Bar that’s found on the far right of the toolbar. Here’s the code I used (and where I added it) to make this happen:

My Mobile-Friendly Blog… and My Own QR Code!

I posted a QR (Quick Response) Code for my website to my facebook wall about a month ago… Gosh, was I excited to finally have one of those ugly, funky, square squiggle things of my own! I even downloaded a qr code reader app and went scan happy for a little bit 🙂 However, […]

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