It Ain’t All About The *Words* In Your Headline

Marketing Genius, Dan Kennedy, very briefly mentioned in one installment of his “No B.S. Marketing Letter” that one small omission in the headline increased comprehension by 10%! Check out the following headlines and tell me which one you think proved to be more effective:

Podcast #1: International Radio Star!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I was born to star in my own radio show!”? I’ll show you how!

Cold Calling Phobia

Does your job/business require you to cold call prospective customers? Maybe it has crossed your mind, but… What the heck do you do if the person on the other line hangs up on you?! Even worse, how would you feel if they got angry at you and call you a nasty name?!! Granted, I don’t […]

Become an Instant Guru?

So, this really rich guy… Allen Says, came up with this idea. He thought it would be cool to start a blog, where he writes about motivation and money and stuff, and you link to it, and make money off of his posts. You don’t have to write anything. Just sign up for his free […]

E-mail Open Rate Testing: New vs. Old Readers

If you manage an opt-in list of your own, have you noticed a difference in response rate between readers subscribed for a year or more, compared to newer subscribers? I haven’t tested this yet, but, it’s the next on my ‘improving my ezine’ to-do list… comparing the open/response rates between new and older subscribers. Should […]

I’m So Loving : )

The move to is coming along smoothly, features are fantastic, what more can a girl ask for (besides not having to wax our legs so often)? I haven’t tried this yet, but, there’s an option to split test your subscription web forms to test which headline and form type generates more subscribers… cool! They […]

Text vs. HTML E-mail and Spam Complaints

I just broadcasted my first AimDIRECT “Message from the Editor” mailing at about 3AM this morning. Woohoo! Mailing #1 for 2005!! This message was sent as text only since I noticed late last year that response was slowing down, and wondered if it had anything to do with sending out my messages as HTML. I […]

Win-Win: Is It Do-able?

My incredibly eloquent friend Fontaine asked… [Tell me] where the line is between the business person’s needs and the customer’s. It seems that there needs to be a balance between the two. I, as the business person cannot meet your needs if I’m not, simultaneously, trying to meet my own. Where does win-win and synchronicity […]

The Constipated Sales Copy

You pull and twist your brain all over the place with benefits, features, bullets, headlines… and get yourself all hot and bothered over your final copy, only to find out no matter how many times you test and adjust, it doesn’t pull in sales like you expected it to? Here’s what you do… Make your […]


I remember caught in a *DEEP* financial slump some time ago… Al was laid off and I was just starting my biz when we found ourselves hitting close to $0 in our bank account. Our phone line was cut off and we were about to lose our electricity and our home. To add to our […]

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