Throwback Thursday!

Welcome to my new MC Blog Feature: Throwback Thursday! I’ve been in the Internet Marketing field since 1996… and boy, have I got PLENTY of “interesting” memories from back in the IM dinosaur ages… *rawwwrrr!* I started my online business in August 1996. Connected via America Online (AOL)… totally screaming across the net like a […]

OK, I decided I suck at MULTITASKING work projects…

… so I no longer do it. I felt like I was accomplishing NOTHING even tho I was getting work done because what came out of it was sub par. I believe in striving for PROGRESS… not PERFECTION… but I wasn’t happy with the quality of progress I was producing when I multitasked. I really […]

they’re just words…

i love writing. it’s one of my favorite forms of self expression. it’s when i can really focus on my thoughts. and i like writing in all lowercase. i also like to throw things in just for kicks. for example, my business blog is titled, “a diary of one babelicious internet marketing chick…” yes, i’m […]

100 Things About Carmen…

i’ve been with al since 1991. married since 1995. rumor was, we got married because i was pregnant. close enough… five years after we were married, i finally became pregnant for the first time. and met joshua, the love of my life. i have small feet i speak and/or understand 7 languages: english, japanese, taglish, […]

MC Sushi-Roll Podcast #1: Int’l Radio Star!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I was born to star in my own radio show!” I’ll show you how!

Some People Need Loud Music To Focus…

When you need to focus, do you find yourself working better in a particular environment? You know it’s finals week when my sister blasts music (more than usual) in her room… so loud I can’t even hear myself think in another room in a different floor. Al works best when the TV is locked into […]

Escaping The Electronic Stone Age!

Being the chic marketing dudette that I am, you’d think I do all my work on a state of the art, top of the line computer, wouldn’t you? You would, wouldn’t ya? Huh? Huh? (nudge, nudge) Unfortunately, no amount of blinging would’ve helped my previous computer to even remotely resemble a desktop in today’s world. […]

Rest Your Eyes…

I’ve been feeling some pain in my eyeballs. A dry and burning feeling, making my eyes tear non-stop. Ouch! Most likely from staring at the computer monitor for hours at a time, and knowing me, without blinking. Well, my good friend Bryan Kumar gave me a great tip. To look at something far away (like […]

Trillian Pro: Instant Messaging on Overdrive

It becomes more apparent to me every day, just what a geek I can be. For instance, I’m on AIM�, MSN�, ICQ�, Yahoo!� instant messaging, and instead of having each individual software open at the same time, I’ve downloaded Trillian Basic a FREE software that allows you to connect to all major chat networks using […]

Even “Experts” Screw Up Sometimes…

I’ve moved my membership site to another web host, and I’m having the most difficult time getting it all done. Previously, I kept the entire site in a password protected folder where I could just upload new content… but, I thought it would just be the neatest thing for my members if I did a […]

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