My Coming Out Party

I’ve been browsing through blogs by other Internet marketers, and, I have to confess… I don’t try to fit in ‘work’ into every free moment I have during the day like most other marketers do. (You gotta have the desire and drive to work like that. Even I’m impressed.) I’m not always keeping an eye […]

Are THANK YOU’s Out Of Style?

When someone helps you – no matter how insignificant you feel the act was… do you remember to say, “Thank You”? Well, DO YOU? It’s not even that time of the month, but, I’m totally PMS-ing out because of some ungrateful people user who, for some unknown reason, think it’s perfectly acceptable to take up […]

The Glamorous Life of An Internet Marketer

Imagine… working for yourself, having no boss to answer to, setting your own hours… what a GLAMOROUS life! Yeah, well… glamorous isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe it! *lol* I woke up at 8AM and started my 20 minute Pilates workout. I swear, I’m sticking to it this time because Daisy Fuentes said […]

My Kid’s The Cutest WowBaby!

I finally took a picture of the prize! Joshua won the May 26 – June 1 “Cutest WowBaby” contest… of course : ) Sponsored by

Test Drive Your Dream Job

From brew master and cattle rancher, to chocolatier and wedding coordinator – now you can take your dream job for a spin – vacation style! Read about this first on Brand Autopsy… VocationVacations The only vacation company of its kind that offers you a risk-free opportunity to test out the job of your dreams under […]

Cumulative Trauma Disorder Froze My Pinky

I started feeling a sharp pain around the little finger on my right hand. The pain quickly increased and my pinky (and that whole side of my hand) started to turn red and swell up – YUCK! In just a few hours, it became so bad that when I tried to make a fist, my […]

Online Marketing Rears Its Ugly Head

Observations: If you feel you’ve been scammed/ripped off/done wrong, it’s best to calm yourself down and only take note of the FACTS. Do not let your emotions get in the way when you explain your side. Stop, take a breath, collect yourself, and remember that people will observe and judge you by the way you […]

*Not So Free* Agent Path – Revisited

On August 5th, I received an e-mail that read: Hi, It’s xxxxx xxxxx Would you consider being in my Master Mind group of 12 people? Of course, I had no reason to *not* trust this person who invited me. So, I went ahead and took a look at the referred site. The web copy clearly […]

How NOT to look like a LOSER

I’ve witnessed the most ridiculous “conversation” between two business owners. This took place at a very popular Internet marketing forum. (Names have been changed out of courtesy.) A business owner (Richie Goodguy) started a thread detailing his marketing service. It was professional and friendly. Shortly, a competitor (Krabby Twinkie) began posting in the most hostile […]

Advertising Graveyard

Searching through the AimDIRECT archives, I came across a reference to the Advertising Graveyard a showcase of real ads that were yanked at the last possible moment. For example, here’s a marketing piece about a dad who really loved his bicycle… and the talent to transform the most innocent into something not innocent (you might […]

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