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Coolest Guy on the Planet Claims Blog Comment Spam Works!

Or so the many endorsement e-mails are trying to convince me… Yes, they all seem to support the blog comment spam software I talked about a few days ago. One of the “selling points”… on the sales page & endorsement e-mails is a search for a particular keyword phrase on that returns a site […]

Protecting Yourself From Online Stalkers

As much as I enjoy ‘meeting’ new people via the Internet, I’ve had my share of ‘strange & uncomfortable’ encounters. Colleagues resorting to serious verbal abuse, minor harassments, and creepy ‘secret admirers.’ Without getting into too much detail… I’ve crossed paths with yet another piece of work. It all began when this individual began having […]

Spam & Virus Proofing MS Office Outlook

With Outlook being a flamin’ red target for viruses… and the horror stories I’ve heard of all the grief it has caused, I’ve never ever considered using this e-mail program. Are you nuts?! I cry over burnt brownies… how would I ever recover from a virus attack? But curiosity finally got the best of me, […]

Your PayPal Account Has Been Violated

Dear PayPal Member: Attention! Your PayPal account has been violated! Someone with ip address tried to access your personal account! Please click the link below and enter your account information on the following page to confirm that you are not currently away. You have 3 days to confirm account information or your account will […]

Attention Spam Arrest Users…

Paul Myers posted the sender agreement found on the Spam Arrest sender verification page to the Warriors forum… seems he has a little problem with it. Take a look: SENDER AGREEMENT – By clicking the “VERIFY” button above, and in consideration for Spam Arrest, LLC forwarding your e-mail (and any e-mails you may send […]

Spam Arrest = Ego Squasher

This is not even funny. I used to receive hundreds of e-mails each and every day. Granted, most of them were spam, but, it made me feel popular. Since I’ve started using Spam Arrest, I’m only receiving a maximum of 30 pieces of e-mail per day. No spam authorized so far, and legitimate senders seem […]

Do-Not-Spam List?

I wasn’t aware that a “do-not-spam-list” bill was passed into Michigan law in June. Well, a bill that would create a national “Do-Not-Email” registry has also been introduced. Would this really work? Read the full article here. It wasn’t too long ago when “list-cleaning” services were all over the place, remember? You submit your entire […]

$26.5 Million Profit from Spam

Three *anti-spam software* companies have received a total of $26.5 MILLION in Venture Capital funding this year so far. Hey, if you’re a software programmer, or even someone with a great “anti-spam” idea, it looks like people are lining up to shower you with cash. I read it here.

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