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Coolest Guy on the Planet Claims Blog Comment Spam Works!

Or so the many endorsement e-mails are trying to convince me… Yes, they all seem to support the blog comment spam software I talked about a few days ago.

One of the “selling points”…

on the sales page & endorsement e-mails is a search for a particular keyword phrase on that returns a site still “Under Construction” ranked at the #1 spot.

The claim is… thanks to this super neat blog spam software, even a “blank” site was able to secure a #1 ranking on Yahoo for this competitive keyword phrase. And if it can do this for an empty site, imagine what it can do for your content-rich page!

Previous Occupants…

Sure the site is ‘blank’ at the moment… but they forgot to mention that from as far back as March 2004, this site was a fully functional discount cat furniture store with some serious reciprocal link exchange marketing!

So this isn’t exactly a brand new website, still under construction, and never promoted on the Internet… it was actually a full-blown online store with extensive, content-relevant, link exchanges already in place.

The blog spam sales site even gives you a link to check out some of their backlinks, and you’ll find about 381 backlinks coming from blogs.

This particular backlink search specifically looks for links coming from websites only, because this spam software will post only to blogs (see here).

But… if you remove the filter from that backlink search, you’ll see that the site has a total of over 880 backlinks.

That’s 500+ extra backlinks…

from websites. So, where are they coming from? Why, reciprocal link exchanges with pet-related sites and other link exchange directories, of course! Obviously, the blog spam software was not responsible for these reciprocal link exchanges.

Does it still look like this blog spam software brought this ‘blank’ site to #1?

Personally, it looks more to me like they used Brad Callen’s SEO Elite Software to simplify finding & exchanging a massive number of reciprocal links to get to #1… but that’s just my opinion. (And yes, that’s an affiliate link.)

Some people *want* to be spammed?

It’s so incredibly annoying how those promoting this software keep insisting that if account holders *did not* want to receive comment spam, they would enable the word-verification option, as well as all other preventative measures, when accepting comments. And if they fail to “lock and guard all their doors” it could only mean they welcome automated comments with open arms.

That’s like saying if you really don’t want to receive e-mail spam, you’ll take advantage of every spam filtering method and tool available today… and if you don’t, what you’re really saying is you actually enjoy receiving the spam that slips through the filters.

Your family is falling apart? Great! You’ll love my horse breeding site!

As I was researching some of the generic comments posted by this software, I came across a blog post by a young man talking about how depressed he was that his parents have decided to get a divorce. “Nothing matters to me anymore…” “I might have to get back on antidepressants…”

And the first three (3) comments…

“Great topic! I’ll definitely bookmark your site! I’ve got a *horse breeding* site. It’s mostly on horse breeding. Check it out if you’re not too busy!”

“Hey you have a knack for writing – keep up the good work! I’ve bookmarked your site! I have an *online poker* site. I know it’s off-topic since it’s about online poker information, but check it out if you’re not too busy :-)”

“Great blog! I’m definitely going to bookmark you! I have an *affiliate marketing* site covering everything related to affiliate marketing! Come visit when you get a chance!”

Equivalent to article marketing & forum posting?

I’ve seen some well respected marketers compare blog comment spamming to article marketing and forum posting.

Articles are voluntarily added to a website by the webmaster, giving the article author a backlink. Win-win: Webmaster gets free content and author gets free publicity.

Forums usually don’t allow blatant advertising, but (usually) allow a short sig file at the end of your post. Win-win: Forum owner gets traffic and active discussions while forum member gets to network and receive a free backlink.

We’re doing the bloggers a favor by keeping their blogs active…

Blog comment spamming on the other hand benefits only the spammer. Majority of bloggers want REAL people to come visit their site and read their posts. However, since comment posting is automated with this software, the blogger doesn’t get a *live* visit to their blog, nor are their posts read. But at least the spammers gets hundreds of backlinks, right? So, who’s doing who a favor?

It’s The New “Free For All Links” Blasting…

Remember those FFA pages where you went to post your link with a one-line description of your site? As new links were added to the FFA links page, the older links were dropped… webmaster received lots of traffic from people posting and reposting their links… and link posters got some free exposure.

Remember when FFA Link blasters became popular? Link posters no longer needed to visit these individual FFA pages anymore… they only had to fill in their URL and a short description into their blaster once, and their information was posted to hundreds of FFA link pages without having to visit them.

Webmasters stopped getting visits… but at least the spammers got hundreds of backlinks, right? So, who’s doing who a favor?

Wow… deja vu!

If you insist on using this piece of software…

get 50 of your friends together and each of you agree to maintain 5 blogs where you’ll post an article every few days. Enter the URLs of only those 250 blogs into the software, and spam each other! This will truly be a win-win x 50… and you can be certain you won’t be annoying anyone with your random and generic garbage.

Final thoughts:

Blogs are just that… web logs, online diaries, and journals. It’s a form of communication and that itself must be respected. Maintaining a blog solely to link back to your website or post articles for SEO purposes does not give you permission to disrespect the majority of blogs that exist specifically to deliver a personal or corporate message.

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