Even “Experts” Screw Up Sometimes…

I’ve moved my membership site to another web host, and I’m having the most difficult time getting it all done.

Previously, I kept the entire site in a password protected folder where I could just upload new content… but, I thought it would just be the neatest thing for my members if I did a complete overhaul and used a community portal script thingamajig.

Sure, the site looks great! The live case studies, download library, discussion forum, blog, support system, and all those other goodies work together seamlessly. This makes navigating and maintaining the site much easier & productive.

The problem is, the pages need to be in a certain format… meaning I have to reformat every friggin single page to make this work.

Every single page.

What drug do I need to take to get this all done, because I’d like it to happen before my 3 year old leaves for college. Seriously… do I need to go all PROZAC® like Lynnette did? (don’t even tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

I’ve been working on this every moment I have, and I’m getting SO FRUSTRATED, sometimes I just wanna wipe it all out and go back to the old format… but, if I did that, I’ll be even more ticked off with myself for having spent all this time trying to make this new format work, only to give up and delete it all forever.

Besides, this new stuff is really cool, and I know my members will be able to benefit more from my site because of it.

Seriously, if you’re a newbie and think everyone else has it easy, while you keep stepping into cow doo-doo over and over again… it’s not true. People just don’t talk about it. But, I have no pride, so, here I am… knock yourself out.

Oh, the trials and tribulations of being me… enough venting, and back to work.

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