How NOT to look like a LOSER

I’ve witnessed the most ridiculous “conversation” between two business owners. This took place at a very popular Internet marketing forum. (Names have been changed out of courtesy.)

A business owner (Richie Goodguy) started a thread detailing his marketing service. It was professional and friendly.

Shortly, a competitor (Krabby Twinkie) began posting in the most hostile and egotistical manner. He started bashing Richie’s service and criticizing Richie’s customers for doing business with him. Then he continued to ramble on about how he is going to “win” it all and put Richie out of business (as he quoted lines from action/sci-fi movies).

At this point, I’m very irritated with Krabby. He doesn’t stop blowing his own horn, and clearly cannot accept that Richie has many happy clients. The two are in the same “field”, but offer services providing different benefits. But, for some reason, Krabby has difficulty swallowing that. He just goes on and on about how he’ll put Richie out of business.

There’s a quote (can’t remember by whom and the exacty wording)… you can find your enemy’s worst fear in what he tries to threaten you with.

I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with Richie Goodguy’s professionalism. He responded by explaining how there is a market for *both* types of services, so *everyone* can win. He never lowered himself to Krabby’s level… not once did he name drop anyone, not even Krabby.

Others began posting their personal opinions about each service. Most suggested the thread should be closed and for all to move on.

Not surprisingly, Krabby responded with “Richie started it!” (I kid you not – and I’m almost sure Krabby is *not* currently in the 1st grade) and dragged on with even more arrogant statements. Then… THEN… Krabby accused *Richie* of being “immature” and “insulting”.

How do *I* feel about all this? I’d rather pay more to do business with Richie Goodguy. I prefer to associate with people of his integrity and professionalism. He embraces competition, and is well aware that the market will choose the service that best fits the needs of each individual. He is stable, professional, confident, and reliable.

And Krabby Twinkie? This hostile, rude, immature and unprofessional creature gave me the impression he’s easily threatened by *any* competition. Never mind his “achievements” and “credentials”. I put him in the “toxic people” category. I bet you most of his clients aren’t aware of what a pointy-finger-cry-baby he really is.

Learn from Richie Goodguy. I did. Stay above those who take pleasure in trashing you just because they’re afraid (or jealous) you’ll outshine them… remain courteous and professional. It says a lot about you as a person, and you’ll be the one with more friends and clients at the end.

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