I’m So Loving Aweber.com : )

The move to Aweber.com is coming along smoothly, features are fantastic, what more can a girl ask for (besides not having to wax our legs so often)?

I haven’t tried this yet, but, there’s an option to split test your subscription web forms to test which headline and form type generates more subscribers… cool!

They even have a global mapping feature where the approximate location of subscriber sign-ups can be determined based on the IP address and the ISP they use to request the information!

I’ve put a sample up on my site so you can check it out. Granted, my map isn’t as saturated with little yellow & red dots like this one, but, the map itself looks the same, at least : )

So far, I feel like I’ve made the right decision with the move. I’ll keep you posted as I find more neato features!

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