Jerks. I’m sick of ’em.

I’ve crossed paths with an overwhelming number of incredibly interesting individuals in the recent few months. Who woulda thunk I’d be so fortunate to “meet” so many kind, talented, compassionate, successful, and ambitious people via the Internet : )

I’ve also had the misfortune of bumping into “jerks” (I’m sure you’d be able to come up with a more appropriate term for these people… ). I’m not talking about “annoying” people… these are first-class JERKS.

People who parade around the ‘net pretending to be pros, constantly singing praises of themselves, pushing their “how-to” products and services on everyone… when they’re failing miserably at the very same things they claim they can help you succeed in.

You won’t believe these names.

I’m more disappointed than anything else. I’ve grown to respect many of these people, looking forward to working with them one day. Well, that one day arrived.

If they believe they’re successful because they’ve “convinced” everyone and their dog that they’re financially/emotionally/mentally/spiritually successful without *actually* achieving it…

no thanks.

I’d rather take care of my “non-imaginary” clients and *quietly* enjoy true financial/emotional/mental/spiritual success with my friends and family.

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