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My Move To Aweber.com

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

That last AimDIRECT mailing really freaked me out... but, with the help and support of my web host people, I think both sides are okay.

Anyway, I've finally started moving my AimDIRECT subscribers to Aweber.com. This should help me narrow down my list to people who really (really, really) wants to continue hearing from me.

A little while ago, my friend Bryan Kumar did this "raising ezine subscribers from the dead" thing that I thought was a great idea. Many people don't update their subscribed e-mail addies when it changes (instead, they resubscribe with the new one), and there are subscribers who I doubt even opens the messages sent to them... maybe it's filtered out? I dunno.

Anyway, I've heard from other marketers who have cleaned their lists as well, that although the number of subscribers will drastically go down, at least you'll only have responsive readers on your list.

I like that.

So, be sure to confirm you want to remain a subscriber when you get your confirmation request today!


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