*Not So Free* Agent Path – Revisited

On August 5th, I received an e-mail that read:

Hi, It’s xxxxx xxxxx

Would you consider being in my Master Mind
group of 12 people?

Of course, I had no reason to *not* trust this person who invited me. So, I went ahead and took a look at the referred site. The web copy clearly stated this was not a downline building, network marketing program. It’s free and will always be free. Hey, mastermind with other marketers? That can’t be bad. So, I signed up.

Inside, there were a few dorky marketing “quizzes” you had to take to move on to the next “step”. There’s a discussion board you’re provided with to “mastermind” with your group. You’re encouraged to build strong relationships with everyone in your team.

Okay, not bad so far. But, what’s going on here? What’s it about?

Then it happened, the first live call.

The “leader” openly DISCOURAGED everyone from starting/building their own business. He said your job is considered “slave income”… I agree. Everyone wants to quit their office jobs where they work for someone else.

But, if you you’ve always dreamed of starting/building/living off of your *own* business, even if you spend 18 hours a day at it, what’s the big deal? “Mr. Leader” got a shot at building a multimillion dollar business… why can’t others give it a try too?!!

Maybe because he’s trying to mind control the entire online community into doing nothing but make him more money? One of those, “I’m not in the Internet marketing field anymore, so, I will convert them all into my downline zombies.”

“Mr. Leader” says owning your own business, whether you have employees or not, is still considered “slave income”… you’re a slave to your employees and clients. OKAY, then, wouldn’t we be “slaves” to everyone under us in this program? Don’t we have to always be there for support and guidance?

So I started to wonder why he wanted us to begin building a strong relationship… a trusting friendship with people in our team *before* any “income stream” is announced?

Because when you have a group of people with whom you become personally connected with, you wouldn’t want to let them down by abandoning them, even if it means having to join an MLM program you really don’t care for… because you don’t want to lose your team.

Well, the income stream has been announced, and it’s a health product company. You are recommended to purchase between $50 – $200 worth of health products every month to earn commission points. I can’t even remember to take my Centrum vitamins in the morning… how the heck do they expect me to take $200 worth of vitamins every month?

But, that’s not even the point. Wasn’t this supposed to be free? Always free? Yet, we’re told if we don’t sign up for this health program within 24 hours notice, anyone below us who joins the program will be moved to our sponsor’s downline. We lose them forever.

I don’t like feeling pressured into anything. Reminds me of the time when my friend brought me to an Equinox meeting. That feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. This isn’t what freedom feels like.

Why couldn’t “Mr. Leader” just be honest about what his plans were… to join a few MLM companies and he wanted to build his downline? Ahhhh… but that wouldn’t sound so “I care about YOUR future and freedom!”, now, would it?

I’ve no complaints about my “sponsor”… he’s been really supportive and understanding about my issues. It’s just that this *is* starting to feel a bit “cult-ish” just like Jim Edwards says here (9/12/03).

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