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Online Marketing Rears Its Ugly Head


  1. If you feel you’ve been scammed/ripped off/done wrong, it’s best to calm yourself down and only take note of the FACTS. Do not let your emotions get in the way when you explain your side. Stop, take a breath, collect yourself, and remember that people will observe and judge you by the way you present yourself.

    It might also help to turn to someone you trust for a second opinion on how you should go about this. It ain’t no fun going through it alone…

  2. Money talks – in a loud voice. If people have money “invested” in your business (ie. commission they’re earning thru an affiliate program), they will no doubt back you up and justify anything you might do. It’s hard to part with thousands of dollars in monthly recurring commission, I’m sure.
  3. Do not “bribe” people into taking your side. Again, stick to the facts and let each decide his/her own. Otherwise, it will make you look like a spoiled brat.
  4. “Big names” get away with much more than the “little guys”. If you’re in a certain “rank”, you can call the little guy an “ugly s.o.b.” and get away with it. But, when the little guy comes back raging, he’s told to walk away in shame.
  5. Don’t post negative comments on forums using someone else’s name… because even if you say your friend did it as a joke, it leaves you looking bad.


We’re all human, and as humans, we make mistakes. More often than not, we allow our emotions to get the best of us, and it makes everything nastier than they need to be.

And no matter what anyone says, age *does* make a difference. Even in business. It’s easy for an 18 year old to let success get to his head, and there’s a lot of learning and growing up to do. But, that doesn’t mean the “seniors” should go out and warn the world not to associate with him anymore. What kind of example are we showing?

The 18 year old I’m referring to has been nothing short of friendly and courteous in all the times we’ve corresponded with each other. Ironically, he’s helped me deal with a few “negative” people I’ve come across, in such an incredibly professional manner… that I can’t help but feel how strongly he believes he’s been cheated and humiliated.

I certainly do not condone his recent conduct… but, he’s not some dangerous person to be avoided, like some make him out to be. People thought it was wrong of him to publicly attack another young marketer, yet, they feel it’s okay to band together and publicly attack this 18 year old.

I hope the young men involved in this recent mess learn from this. I believe we all need to give them *both* another chance, as they are very promising, ambitious entrepreneurs.

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

If you have no idea what this post really is about, just keep point #1 in mind.

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