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Relationship Marketing is NOT About “Relationships”… it’s About Marketing.

Contrary to popular belief, Relationship Marketing is NOT about having a “lovey dovey” & authentic relationship with your customers…

Wikipedia: Relationship marketing is a form of marketing which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on point-of-sale transactions.

Relationship marketing uses event driven marketing.

  • A customer subscribes to your newsletter and makes their first purchase. In your “Thank You” email, you include an incentive (e.g. discount coupon good for 30 days) to make a second purchase. If 30 days pass without the customer making a second purchase, you’d send a follow up email with an updated discount. Your marketing actions are based on your customer’s behavior.

    If this customer proceeds to take up on your updated discount offer, you move forward to your next marketing action… asking for feedback or offering a new, jump start add-on package.

  • A customer subscribes to your newsletter but does NOT make their first purchase. You send a follow up email asking them to complete a survey which will determine why they haven’t made a purchase and what this customer is looking for. In return, you offer them a discount for a product/service more suited for them.

These marketing actions were triggered by the customer’s behavior. This is Relationship Marketing.

So… here’s what Relationship Marketing is NOT:

1. Relationship marketing is NOT about personal relationships.

Relationship marketing focuses on making sure your customers not only buys from you today, but keeps buying from you repeatedly. The term “relationship” refers to the customer’s purchase history, not a personal connection. It’s when a business listen to their customers so they know what their custoemrs might buy next.

2. Relationship marketing is NOT about authenticity.

It’s not about me opening up and showing you who I am, what I do… and if it’s what you want, how I can help you do the same. That would be Attraction Marketing. The goal is to encourage my customers to sign up for my product or service and continue to offer additional products and services based on their actions. It’s Win/Win!

3. Relationship marketing is NOT about personal connection.

Just because the girls at Birchbox don’t know how amazing my son is, it doesn’t mean I’m going to cancel my subscription.

4. Relationship marketing is NOT about being social.

It’s not about connecting on Facebook or Twitter… that’s Social Media Marketing.

Relationship marketing is simply MARKETING based on the choices made by your customers. It’s about getting the customer to stick around long enough to keep buying what they want from you.

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