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Rules for Posting Comments

First things first. This is my online diary. It’s not a marketing or business forum, and my entries revolve around my thoughts, feelings, and opinions of various topics and issues I come across throughout the day.

  1. As a reader of my diary, you are given the privilege (not the “right”) to post comments in response to my entries. Once you submit your comments and they are published on websites I’m paying for, all comments become my property.
  2. You are welcome to disagree with the views expressed here, but I will not tolerate any form of disrespect towards me or anyone else. If you do not respect that, you will be banned without warning.
  3. Offensive language is not allowed here.
  4. No advertising allowed. If you post a comment advertising your products, affiliate programs, or anything at all, it will be deleted immediately, and you will be banned without warning. You are, however, encouraged to include your URL when completing the comments form.
  5. If you post for the purpose of spamming my blog/posting your links, I will delete your post and you will be banned.
  6. Do not post under different names posing as different people. Be aware that although others cannot, *I* am able to view your IP exposing the fact. If you violate this, you will be banned.
  7. I will not allow anonymous postings. You read about me on these pages, and if you can’t even reveal your name and e-mail address, do not post.
  8. If you send me abusive messages via e-mail, blog comment, etc., I reserve the right to abuse you right back.
Rules for Posting Comments

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