So, where’s my free laptop?

I’m a glutton for punishment.

You’ve seen programs promising to send you a free laptop (computer, car, home, an organ, whatever) after a certain number of people (77 in this case) sign up after you. Well, I joined one back in 10/02…

I paid $29 for “admin” fees and waited for my name to climb to the top of the ladder and cycle. Well, I just checked to see where I’m at, and I’m listed on page 3 (out of 8)!! Whoooooohoooooooo!!

Hold on… wasn’t I on page 3 when I first joined?

Not sure how it all works? If there were 50 people who were in line before me, each of those 50 people will need 77 people (person #1 needs 77 people, person #2 needs 77 people *after* person #1’s 77 people, person #3 needs 77 people *after* person #2’s 77 people, etc.)… and finally, I’d need 77 people starting at member #3,850 (50×77).

Now are you seeing the picture?

I’m sure the 3 people who cycled don’t feel this is a scam.

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