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So, my mom was visiting...

Monday, August 11, 2003
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Been gone for a little bit... my mom's 2 week visit did quite a number on my already "challenging" schedule. I'm not complaining... I love my mom, it's always nice to have her here (especially busy in the kitchen) : )


Showing off my creative side... changed the graphic at the top because I'll be using the previous pic for my newsletter site which will also be powered by Movable Type. See all that I can do with images of my face? Oh so vain...

I made a new friend... recently gotten acquainted with Jason Cain of GOLDBLOGGER.COM, and what a nice guy, he is. (Aloha/Kumusta, Jason!)

I'll be reviewing his ebook "GoldBlogging - How to Find the Wealth in Your Writing and Make a Fortune Doing What You Love!". I'm looking forward to getting my eyeballs on it : )

Things that make me go "hmmmm"... I've noticed some websites posting content using "spam filter" avoiding words (is there a term for this?)... ie. fre~e, mon-ey, direct*ory, etc. No, I'm not talking about articles that were originally meant for publication in ezines - just regular content. I thought we were only doing this for ezines/newsletters to get past the filters?

I'll be back with more later.


He said - She said...

Aloha Carmen,

Thanks for the kind words and the plug. I added your Klip. You did add mine right?


The only reason that I can see that webmasters are using punctuation in their regular content -- is because of RSS feeds.

Content can be "scraped" and turned into an RSS feed for further distribution whether that be via a KLIP for KlipFolio or via Email.

Obviously if someone wants to recieve the RSS feed via email -- the content that is being "scraped" into an RSS feed would have to be void of anything that would trip the spam filters.

That is just my wild-ass guess. =)

In essence you write once -- and publish everywhere! You upload an article to your website and *poof* it's turned into an RSS file and then on to KlipFolio and email.

REFERENCE: Tools for "scraping"...


Posted by: Jason Cain on August 13, 2003 09:45 AM

The answer is simple: creators are not publishers, and putting the power to publish directly into their hands does not make them publishers. It makes them artists with printing presses. This matters because creative people crave attention in a way publishers do not.

Posted by: Valerian on October 13, 2003 06:49 AM

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