Some People Need Loud Music To Focus…

When you need to focus, do you find yourself working better in a particular environment?

You know it’s finals week when my sister blasts music (more than usual) in her room… so loud I can’t even hear myself think in another room in a different floor.

Al works best when the TV is locked into the anime marathon channel.

My friend prefers the calming sound of running water from his tabletop water fountain. (can we say ‘frequent trips to the bathroom’ ??)

One colleague insists she absolutely must have her cat on her lap when doing work.

I found I’m most focused and most productive (not mentioning least b*tchy) when Al and Joshua are within my view where I can simply glance up at them while they build with blocks, draw pictures, read books, and well… sweet things that give me a sense of love, peace, and security.

How ’bout you?

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