E-mail Open Rate Testing: New vs. Old Readers

If you manage an opt-in list of your own, have you noticed a difference in response rate between readers subscribed for a year or more, compared to newer subscribers? I haven’t tested this yet, but, it’s the next on my ‘improving my ezine’ to-do list… comparing the open/response rates between new and older subscribers. Should […]

I’m So Loving Aweber.com : )

The move to Aweber.com is coming along smoothly, features are fantastic, what more can a girl ask for (besides not having to wax our legs so often)? I haven’t tried this yet, but, there’s an option to split test your subscription web forms to test which headline and form type generates more subscribers… cool! They […]

Text vs. HTML E-mail and Spam Complaints

I just broadcasted my first AimDIRECT “Message from the Editor” mailing at about 3AM this morning. Woohoo! Mailing #1 for 2005!! This message was sent as text only since I noticed late last year that response was slowing down, and wondered if it had anything to do with sending out my messages as HTML. I […]

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