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Coolest Guy on the Planet Claims Blog Comment Spam Works!

Or so the many endorsement e-mails are trying to convince me… Yes, they all seem to support the blog comment spam software I talked about a few days ago. One of the “selling points”… on the sales page & endorsement e-mails is a search for a particular keyword phrase on that returns a site […]

Spam & Virus Proofing MS Office Outlook

With Outlook being a flamin’ red target for viruses… and the horror stories I’ve heard of all the grief it has caused, I’ve never ever considered using this e-mail program. Are you nuts?! I cry over burnt brownies… how would I ever recover from a virus attack? But curiosity finally got the best of me, […]

Attention Spam Arrest Users…

Paul Myers posted the sender agreement found on the Spam Arrest sender verification page to the Warriors forum… seems he has a little problem with it. Take a look: SENDER AGREEMENT – By clicking the “VERIFY” button above, and in consideration for Spam Arrest, LLC forwarding your e-mail (and any e-mails you may send […]

Spam Arrest = Ego Squasher

This is not even funny. I used to receive hundreds of e-mails each and every day. Granted, most of them were spam, but, it made me feel popular. Since I’ve started using Spam Arrest, I’m only receiving a maximum of 30 pieces of e-mail per day. No spam authorized so far, and legitimate senders seem […]

Do-Not-Spam List?

I wasn’t aware that a “do-not-spam-list” bill was passed into Michigan law in June. Well, a bill that would create a national “Do-Not-Email” registry has also been introduced. Would this really work? Read the full article here. It wasn’t too long ago when “list-cleaning” services were all over the place, remember? You submit your entire […]

$26.5 Million Profit from Spam

Three *anti-spam software* companies have received a total of $26.5 MILLION in Venture Capital funding this year so far. Hey, if you’re a software programmer, or even someone with a great “anti-spam” idea, it looks like people are lining up to shower you with cash. I read it here.

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