they’re just words…

i love writing. it’s one of my favorite forms of self expression. it’s when i can really focus on my thoughts. and i like writing in all lowercase. i also like to throw things in just for kicks. for example, my business blog is titled, “a diary of one babelicious internet marketing chick…” yes, i’m […]

100 Things About Carmen…

i’ve been with al since 1991. married since 1995. rumor was, we got married because i was pregnant. close enough… five years after we were married, i finally became pregnant for the first time. and met joshua, the love of my life. i have small feet i speak and/or understand 7 languages: english, japanese, taglish, […]

Even “Experts” Screw Up Sometimes…

I’ve moved my membership site to another web host, and I’m having the most difficult time getting it all done. Previously, I kept the entire site in a password protected folder where I could just upload new content… but, I thought it would just be the neatest thing for my members if I did a […]

My Coming Out Party

I’ve been browsing through blogs by other Internet marketers, and, I have to confess… I don’t try to fit in ‘work’ into every free moment I have during the day like most other marketers do. (You gotta have the desire and drive to work like that. Even I’m impressed.) I’m not always keeping an eye […]

The Glamorous Life of An Internet Marketer

Imagine… working for yourself, having no boss to answer to, setting your own hours… what a GLAMOROUS life! Yeah, well… glamorous isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe it! *lol* I woke up at 8AM and started my 20 minute Pilates workout. I swear, I’m sticking to it this time because Daisy Fuentes said […]

My Kid’s The Cutest WowBaby!

I finally took a picture of the prize! Joshua won the May 26 – June 1 “Cutest WowBaby” contest… of course : ) Sponsored by

Online Marketing Rears Its Ugly Head

Observations: If you feel you’ve been scammed/ripped off/done wrong, it’s best to calm yourself down and only take note of the FACTS. Do not let your emotions get in the way when you explain your side. Stop, take a breath, collect yourself, and remember that people will observe and judge you by the way you […]

You like it rough?

I’ve noticed a few newsletters and blogs where the writer “suddenly” experienced a shift to a more “rough” and “raw” personality. Wha.. huh? Is that the “in” thing now? Have I really managed to join the ranks of the old-and-crusty without realizing it? Is being Chris Rock-like so profitable, that writers are ready an willing […]

Clouds in the house?

It’s Friday the 13th… ohhhhh creepy. So, I was describing to a friend what I thought would be the perfect view from my bedroom window… mountains, the ocean, trees, clouds… Yeah, good luck finding that in the suburb of Chicago. Don’t get me wrong tho… we have a *beautiful* city. No matter how often we […]


Joshua knows how to give sweet hugs and kisses. Joshua knows how to wave “bye bye”. Joshua knows how to flirt. Joshua knows how to clap his hands. Joshua knows how to build with blocks. Joshua knows how to shake his booty and ‘raise the roof’. Joshua knows how to pull mommy’s shirt over his […]

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