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The Glamorous Life of An Internet Marketer

Imagine… working for yourself, having no boss to answer to, setting your own hours… what a GLAMOROUS life!

Yeah, well… glamorous isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe it! *lol*

I woke up at 8AM and started my 20 minute Pilates workout. I swear, I’m sticking to it this time because Daisy Fuentes said it worked for her, and promised it will work for me too.

After 20 minutes of trying to do things that I’m almost positive you’re not supposed to be able to do with your arms, legs, and “powerhouse”, I walk to my office and begin downloading e-mail. Then, I hop into the shower before Joshua wakes up and asks to have breakfast with Big Bird and Elmo.

Like clockwork, my son wakes up and starts jumping up and down on the bed telling me about the dragons and rainbows in his dreams. I turn on the TV and he crawls back under the covers to watch Teletubbies while I get his breakfast ready.

Before I head downstairs to the kitchen, I sneak back into my office and begin uploading ebooks and software for my IMSN members to download.

I get Joshua’s breakfast ready and call him downstairs for his breakfast. Of course, he double checks that he’s getting his favorite – Fruit Loops in a big bowl of chocolate milk, with a glass of fruit punch and a ripe banana with a label sticker (It’s not a banana without that sticker!). Then he says, “Oh, mommy! Thank you so much! I love you, you’re my best friend!”

My son is the most adorable little monster butt in the whole world, and this is why I let him get away with just about everything.

Anyway, while he finishes up his breakfast, I start the laundry, and begin vacuuming the first floor.

After we watch some PBS Kids together, like “Between the Lions”, “Boohbah” (creepy, neon, atom creatures responsible for some of my nightmares), “Caillou”, and Dragon Tales, I pop in a Leap Frog DVD and let Joshua watch those little amphibians review the sounds of the alphabet while I wash and put away the dishes.

We then head outside where Joshua zooms around in his Spiderman scooter, or, his Kawasaki ATV. We let the dogs run wild and Joshua chases after them, laughing out loud like a crazy child.

After hours of outdoor fun, we come back inside and I set up his activity table where he can color, paint, read, and even play at the computer. While he does that, I do more uploading, and try to complete some 2-minute tasks, which are action items that take less than 2 minutes or less to complete. Might as well get these out of the way now, so, I have time to work on the more time-consuming things later in the evening.

My attention is back on my little crunchy-face boy, and we practice the alphabet, numbers, puzzles, and songs. Then, we play with his newest “favorite” toy, an electronic train set, complete with fire trucks, helicopters, construction trucks, and more… each with its own remote control. The box boasted, “It’s not your grandfather’s train set!” They weren’t kidding!

Finally, my hubby comes home. We chat about our day until Joshua gets bored with our chitchat and goes WWE on his daddy, and we start cooking dinner together. After dinner is finished, we clear the dinner table, put the dishes away, and get Joshua ready for bed together (yes, ladies… my hubby helps me out every night :D).

I finally start working at around 9:30PM… until around 2:30AM (latest 5AM).

You know, my day is far from the superstar life some of the famous Internet marketers enjoy… flying planes, spending an entire day shopping, entertaining, or hiking… but, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing! I may not have a glamorous life, but, I wouldn’t trade the time I’m able to spend with my crazy little boy, and it doesn’t hurt that I really do love and enjoy what I do! ; )

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