they’re just words…

i love writing. it’s one of my favorite forms of self expression. it’s when i can really focus on my thoughts. and i like writing in all lowercase.

i also like to throw things in just for kicks. for example, my business blog is titled, “a diary of one babelicious internet marketing chick…” yes, i’m a chick. yes, i’m an internet marketer. however, do i see myself as babelicious? not so much. well maybe more so now, than when i originally gave my blog that title over… ummm… 10 years ago. at the time, i was preggers with jroc and gained… 458.3 lbs. not so babelicious, but i liked how the word looked & sounded… so i used it 🙂

a diary of one babelicious internet marketing chick…

i’ve also used the term “drama queen” to describe myself elsewhere… it just “felt” so… colorful. but am i one? i don’t know… let me check how it’s defined…

drama queen – noun
a person given to often excessively emotional performances or reactions.


as far as i’m concerned… no. my emotions and reactions are certainly not “performances”… are you kidding me? let me get a handle on myself before sending me out to entertain anyone else. but i used the term and i’ll continue to use it for as long as i choose… because i can. 🙂

it’s interesting tho… how some people will allow these sweet nothings to upset them. “she calls herself babelicious? who does she think she is… a babe?” “i hate drama queens!!! i hate carmen!”

c’mon now…

first of all, i’ve already invested some time out of my life to briefly cover why i chose to use those particular words. second, who cares if i do!? does it cause you to earn less from your job? does it make it more difficult to reach your goals & dreams? if i were really a drama queen, would it affect how much you’re able to provide for yourself and your family? make it more difficult to climax? cause you to gain weight? snore? maybe it’s the reason why your face broke out yesterday. and those bad hair-days… totally my fault.

i also write a lot about chocolate. and cupcakes… and hello kitty and hot men and sexy shoes, ultimate fighting championships, ice cream, anime, being a single mom, my hairstyle of the week, and kick-booty martial arts movies. and it seems to annoy some people for reasons unbeknownst to me. does that mean i’ll stop covering these topics? let me answer with another question… if i dislike your favorite food, would you stop eating it?

if what i (or anyone else for that matter) say affects you… and you *know* it’s not direct at you, maybe you should spend some “you-time” and ask yourself how it’s possible that something that has absolutely nothing to do with you, has the power to make you feel the way you do. 🙂

carmen’s a drama queen and it bothers me because… i’m dyin for attention and i don’t know how to get it. (haha…) i hate that the little b*tch refers to herself as “babelicious” because… nobody seems to mind, and i so want to do the same but i’m afraid people will criticize me for doing so…

i don’t know…

but seriously, i’m not hurting you 🙂 so if stuff like this bothers you, then it’s all on you. i mean, i think you’re babelicious… unimaginably amazing, even… and i think you deserve all the attention you want for yourself! i certainly wouldn’t hold ill thoughts about anyone for painting themselves in any way they choose.

lighten up 🙂

the babelicious drama queen <3

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  1. Rock On Precious One!
    Dang! Where the heck was I when you wrote this? Oh yeah having a drama moment of my own (as he lovingly sneers and jeers)… But seriously 485lbs? Holy Monsoons! Where the hell did you leave the .. hmm… wont go there 🙂
    Love you always Carmen
    Your’e friend

    • … haha this was from last summer… we’ve come a long way, huh? and oh yeah… totally 485… give or take a few pounds!! 🙂

      hugs and lovies, danny!! xo

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