Trillian Pro: Instant Messaging on Overdrive

It becomes more apparent to me every day, just what a geek I can be. For instance, I’m on AIM�, MSN�, ICQ�, Yahoo!� instant messaging, and instead of having each individual software open at the same time, I’ve downloaded Trillian Basic a FREE software that allows you to connect to all major chat networks using just one software.

That’s until I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with the infamous Michel Fortin a.k.a. The Success Doctor (the dude who wrote the 16 page web copy for Join Reese’s Traffic Secrets course), a few days ago, and he told me about Trillian Pro. Little did I know, my world of text-speak was about to take a turn in a whole new direction.

You won’t believe the huge collection of plugins available for this software! I mean, now, I use Trillian Pro for RSS feed updates, check incoming e-mail, maintain my todo list, easy access to my clients’ timezones, listen to my mp3 playlists, and get this… it even has a translator! If you type in Japanese, my messages to you would be translated into Japanese and your messages to me will be translated to English!

There’s lots more that I haven’t downloaded… like checking GMail, watching stocks, weather, IM from any web browser… oh, it supports IRC and Jabber too.

I’m still finishing up my membership site overhaul, so, I’ll look into more plugins when I have more time.

I thought the free version was DA BOMB, but, I totally love Trillian Pro! I’m seriously excited about this thing, and thanks to Michel, I’m one step closer to the “Geek Goddess” crown 😉

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