Un-Sexy Marketing

Originally posted July 2005 as Carmen Maranon

Look at some of your favorite marketing sites… those you’ve bookmarked because the writer of the ad promised to teach you how to become successful.

“I’ll show you how to increase the number of your opt-in subscribers without paying for leads, using worthless free services, ad swaps, etc.”

“Get more traffic to your site quickly with my super duper 1-2-punch method that’s easy enough for even my legally blind, 91 year old grandmother to pull off!”

“Learn how to whip up sizzling ad copy that will increase your sales and have visitors begging you for more!”

You read over these magic pages with drool sliding down your chin, and excitement in your heart. You whisper under your breath, “This is definitely the solution to boost profit for my business!”.

You download the material (or access the membership site) and as soon as you get your burning eyeballs on the product, you shout in anger, “This is a scam! I’m not getting what I thought I was getting. I better get my money back!”.

(Maybe you’re not all that dramatic and just quietly feel like you keep seeing the same old information that’s not exactly for you…)

Sound familiar?

PEOPLE… these sales letters are *NOT* lying to you!

* You CAN increase your subscribers for free.

* You CAN get more traffic to your site quickly and easily.

* You CAN write copy that will greatly increase your sales.

Yes, You Can!

“But, but, but… those ebooks and courses say I have to: write articles to show potential customers I really know what I’m talking about… team up with other webmasters… practice writing copy by rewriting an already proven copy on paper by hand… put subscription boxes and pop-ups on my sites… Conduct a split-test for all my marketing material… research my market… participate in forums…”

Why, you are absolutely correct!

It ain’t sexy, is it?

That’s because you were hoping that…

Revealed inside the product is the address to a secret website where hundreds of thousands of people gather and wait for you to find them so they can all subscribe to your newsletter and make you a millionaire.

Or maybe someone will finally confess that those “guaranteed hits” programs can really work, and the traffic you get from them are really targeted to exactly what you’re selling, and there really is a place where you can spend just $10 for a gazillionbillion “hits” that will convert to a bazilliontrillion new customers anxious to throw their life savings at you.

How about a magic word, number, or whatever else you fantasized about… that you simply insert into your existing site or copy, transforming it into a wild and uncontrollable money machine without having to put any effort into learning how to write…

Whoa there, hot stuff! Take a cold shower and come back in 10 minutes.

Look through your hard drive and see just how many marketing products you own. Have you read through them all? Do you put into practice, split test, and fine- tune all that they teach you?

How many articles have you written for the market you’re targeting? Are you testing different pay-per-click techniques? Do you split test your web and sales copy? Name 20 webmasters or online business owners you’ve contacted to possibly team up with.

What inspired me to write this is an e-mail I received from someone who asked to cancel his Internet Marketing Support Network membership.

“Cancel my account and refund my money [$1]. I need to make money ASAP, but, what you teach in there is how to find and create products and instructions on how to sell it on the Internet. That’s not what I’m looking for.”

So, what were you looking for? To pay a buck and wake up the next morning to find thousands of dollars in your bank account just for being a member?

It’s an inevitable fact. No matter what those sales letters say, you must be prepared to sweat. It takes effort, testing, persistence, perseverance and constant improvement and fine-tuning to be successful.

No matter how boring a technique or strategy may seem, give it a try. You won’t find it so dull once you start seeing the orders come in : )

I’m SO not sexy. I’ll leave that to JLo and Ben.

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