It never gets old… “discovering” a few bucks in your pocket that you’ve completely forgotten putting there! What makes it “magical” is that the money was ALWAYS there, the amount didn’t increase, but you feel like you made extra cash with no effort regardless! #winner

Well, these money hacks can be just as magical… except you will actually EARN extra cash, painlessly with almost no effort! Try them all today…

1. Invest Your Spare Change

The free Acorns app gives you a simple way to automatically invest your change. What happens is, purchases you make with your debit or credit card are rounded up to the next dollar, and that change is automatically invested back into your Acorns investment account.

There are no minimums or restrictions for withdrawing your cash, so it doesn’t matter if you want $5 or $5000 transferred back into your bank account… if it’s in your Acorns account, it’s yours to take. Just withdraw it with your app and the funds are on their way!

Sign up for free with this link today and they’ll put $5 into your account to start!


2. Pick a Side Hustle (or four…)

There are so many opportunities to make extra cash on and offline, but where do you begin? Here are four to get you started right now!

#1. Swagbucks: Earn cash (via Paypal and Visa gift cards) and gift cards by shopping online, watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys. Signup is free and you get a $10 bonus! There are so many gift cards to choose from including Amazon, Sephora, iTunes, Walmart, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, and more! Confession: My Matcha Frap is always free because my addiction is largely supported by Swagbucks! 🙂

#2. Ebates: Another site that lets you earn while you shop online… especially fun to use during the BIG holiday shopping seasons! And you get a $10 bonus for joining – free!

#3. InboxDollars: You earn cash by shopping online, clipping online coupons, taking surveys, playing games, and reading emails! Sign up is free and you get a $5 bonus!

#4. Ibotta: Earn cash back by scanning your grocery store receipts! Ibotta scans through available rebates and deposits the amount into your account! No coupons to clip or rebates to send in… it’s super easy! Sometimes, you even get more money back than you spend… MAKING you money for purchasing certain items!


3. Simple Investing App (Free share of a stock included!)

I’ve never been interested in investing. It’s too intimidating for me. That’s until a friend told me to download the Robinhood app.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android and is very simple to use. You even get a free share of stock to start you out… (like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) and you don’t even have to invest a lot of cash to get started.

I actually sat on it for about two months without adding any funds… and made $6 🙂

You can also earn more free shares of stock by telling your friends about it! Sign up for free here and get your free share by clicking here!


4. Dump Your Change into a Change Jar

No apps or signups needed for this one.

Same idea as with the Acorns app from #1 – except using cash.

Find a big ole jar around your house and designate it as your “Change Jar”.

When making a purchase, round up to the next dollar and throw the change you get back into your change jar when you get home. When your jar fills up, take it to your bank to deposit into an interest-bearing account.

I’ve been doing this with my son since he was in his single-digits and he ends up banking at least $30 in change at the end of every month!


Didn’t I tell you these are simple? You’re welcome 🙂

carmen sakurai

I’m a single-momma, certified trauma-informed life coach specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery, religion teacher, best selling author, foodie wannabe, and advocate for victims of narcissistic abuse.

Currently living la vida loca in Vegas with my favorite human… while pseudo-adulting, Tahitian dancing, and mmm bubble tea!


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