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1Q is a paid survey app that I can vouch for. It pays - instantly.

It's on my phone as of writing this and I receive notifications of new surveys several times a week. Each 1Q survey only takes a few seconds to a few minutes, and so far the ones I've gotten paid me $0.25 ~ $5 each.

I once got a survey as I was picking something up at a pharmacy and received $15 for answering a few extra questions + submitting a photo of the item I was buying at the time!

This is a screenshot of the app on my phone... $43 may not be something to write home about, but I made this in about a month and it covers my smaller monthly subscriptions like Google 1 and Medium!

After completing each survey, 1Q immediately send your payment to your PayPal account. No minimums... it's pretty cool.

Again, it won't make you a millionaire, but it'll pay for small purchases. I use it for my smaller monthly subscriptions. And honestly, every dollar helps.

Easily recommend the 1Q paid survey app!

Available for both iPhones and Androids... sign up FREE here!

carmen sakurai

I’m a single-momma, certified trauma-informed life coach specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery, religion teacher, best selling author, foodie wannabe, and advocate for victims of narcissistic abuse.

Currently living la vida loca in Vegas with my favorite human… while pseudo-adulting, Tahitian dancing, and mmm bubble tea!


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